Founded in 2002, the Wolf and Hound was named in honor of the late Danny Burns the quintessential Irish musician. Danny was a member of the top-rated Belfast band called “The Wolfhound”, hence the adapted pub name “The Wolf and Hound”.

Danny moved to Vancouver in the 1970s and was very active in the Irish community. His talent and charisma were a magnet for the Irish diaspora.

The Danny Burns Ballad band he so fondly created became the house band at the iconic ‘Culpepper’s’ on West Broadway. It was he who made ‘Culpepper’s’ the Irish music pace in the 1990s.

Sadly Danny passed away a few months before the Wolf and Hound opened. The Wolf and Hound is a great tribute to the proud Irishman and great entertainer, Danny Burns.

Sláinte, Danny!